Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chilled Chabli and chuck roast.

I have been chastened yet again for the extended blog silence [Lisa, meet Christy, she's your new bff- saving you the effort of leaving snarky comments, by reprimanding me in person for not posting often enough!!]. I think my problem is that I want to have what I'm going to say written out in my head before I sit down in front of the keyboard and, unfortunately, it doesn't usually work that way very often. Usually it's a matter of sitting down and typing randomly until something coalesces. 

Like this: Yesterday I started a new diet. It consists of only eating things that start with "ch." I didn't really decide on "ch" as much as look back at the end of the day and realize that everything I'd eaten so far amounted to Cheerios, Cheetos, and a chocolate donut. I thought about sticking with the theme since I was already on a roll, but then my stomach started to rebel so I gave up and ate a piece of toast. Later, I celebrated the New Year by indulging in chips and chianti. Not really! I actually ate so much candy at Julie & Peter's party that I kinda wanted to die before the clock struck 12. My New Year's resolution? Kick the sugar habit. Ha ha, that's crazy talk! 

Random, no? If I'm lucky I accidentally write myself into making some kind of sense. 

Right now though, I'm super happy because look: !!

Writerly Davenports, writing together. Zach is writing a story. A kind of warped fairy tale, I believe. If I know Zach, it will be veeery eeenteresting. I love having my little bro out here.


Anonymous said...

give us our uncle Zach back!!!

Christy said...
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Christy said...

YAY YAY YAY a post! With an awesome picture! I can't tell if there is a 2nd picture because it is a fantastical white box with a red X on it on my superb computer.

Christy said...

And I left that other comment twice because I am such an excellent clicker. So I will clarify. I like this pic because you are both smiling, but not like "oh gosh this is a picture show all your teeth" but more like "hey we are enjoying this casual moment and oh look, the camera is watching..."