Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas recap

Zach and I spent Christmas lazing about in front of the fireplace with our good friend Josh, eating candy leftover from the Christmas party Zach & his roommates had hosted the week before. Later, we went to see The Tale of Desperoux, which was excellent, and then Michael and I went to Christmas in the Park together. It was, honestly, one of the nicest Christmases I've had, even though I was missing the rest of my family. 

The next day I went north with Michael's family to the land of his ancestors (half of them anyway) and he showed me around the old homestead and introduced me to his mother's family. Lovely people, all of them. M's grandmother pointed out several times that Michael was possessed of so many good qualities that I'd be a fool to let him go. I think he was a bit embarrassed by this display of grandmotherly love, but I heartily agreed with her, he is good and kind and sweet and smart and handsome. I assured her that I aim to keep him, if the crazy doesn't drive him off before then.

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l i s a said...

Really glad you had a good Christmas. My present to you was no harassment for two weeks. I got the magnets in the mail--need to write you an offical e-mail and ask how to provide feedback on my purchase via Etsy (if I'm allowed--I won't tell you whether it will be good or bad feedback;) ).

Jsut flew across the continent and boy, are my eyes tired.