Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ginger for President

Had I known about this earlier, I would definitely have stepped down from my own campaign to support Ginger. I guess that guy who won will do alright for 2nd choice though. Though all the shouters of, "Obama will bring America to ruin but not because he's black I have no problem with that of course but watch me make a racist comment while no one's looking" (if this is not you then I'm not talking to you, so quit being offended) must be right. If by bring America to ruin you mean shut down a prison where America has been holding people without trials and torturing them because, obviously they don't have the same rights as Americans and anything is justified if we are protecting ourselves except if it's our rights that are being violated because that's different. Oops, sorry. Couldn't help myself. Watch the video, it will make you laugh while you're agreeing-with-me/cursing-my-very-existence.

Some sun today, a long hike in the rain; I didn't get eaten by a mountain lion but I still feel better than I did yesterday. Oh, and did I mention I have a job now?!?! Well, as of 2/9 anyway..


NannyGarcia said...

I just read on your changing list of 100 things that you're from Northern California. I just watched some lame, value-laden, documentary on weed in northern cali. Jealooooouuuuuuussssss.

jess said...

Heh, wouldn't know. I hate the smell of pot violently, and I'm a freakishly good smeller (not that I smell freakishly good, though of course I do) so I avoid stinky things like the plague.

Except for diapers. sigh I seem to keep coming back to those.

l i s a said...

who are these ginger people? friends of yours?

i had to read something for class this week about people who think that there should be different standards for other people--we can do what we want, but you can't do what you want. they said it a bit better than that, but i don't want to look it up right now.

anyway, congratulations on the job. i hope you enjoy your last week of freedom and that this turns out to be a really good job.

jess said...

I wish, I just found them on youtube. They seem like good fun. I want to make my own cat dogfight videos now. That part was so awesome.