Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let it Snow (somewhere else)

So I was wasting time doing important research on teh internetz and I ended up at this band's Myspace* page. It's composed** of someone I used to know a little bit a long time ago and someone else who I don't remember meeting but whose name sounds awfully familiar and who also comes from the tiny town state of Rhode Island, so chances are... 

Not that I was stalking people to find out if anyone I know has become famous so that I could brag about it on my blog or anything..... *Ahem* .....Well, that was awkward. Cookie, anyone?

Moving on... I was tickled by this video and although it's a little late for holiday tunes, this one's technically a winter song so I think I'm safe in sharing. Enjoy!

*Myspace- boo, hiss! "An asault on the eyes" -Jess D. 1/09
** Nevermind, apparently I was wrong. The couple I used to sort-of know have their own band. Which is not this one. More on that later.


Mandy Sue said...

Weird. You just posted this 2 hours ago and it's "no longer available".


jess said...

Wha? It works fine for me. Weird.

jess said...

Has anyone else had trouble watching this?

Mandy Sue said...

It's working now. I don't know what the deal was earlier. It was probably a user error (i.e. ME)

LOL, great video though!