Sunday, January 18, 2009

M to the C

Remember my sad tale of childhood neglect? Well recently several people have stumbled across my blog by searching Google for variations on "Milky the Cow." Fascinated, I tried it and found that I am not alone in my Milky-the-Cownlessness. In fact, Michelle's experience so closely mirrored my own that we decided to start an online support group for adults who didn't get MtC for Christmas. Here is the post she wrote about her sad sad MtC experience.

And here are the emails we exchanged after I read it:  

Jess: I think we need to start an online support group... My Neglected Childhood

Michelle: That is hysterical! I was so bitter that my neighbour got one because HE WAS A BOY. In any case, thanks so much for sending this along. I think our group should meet on Wednesday's. I'll bring cookies if you'll supply the milk.

J: Sweet. 

Does it have to be real milk, or can it be dissolved aspirin tablets in water? I mean, how authentic do we want to be here?

M: Good point. But that's a very tough call. I mean, what is the purpose of our support group? Are we trying to free ourselves from the bonds of our Milky The Cow disappointment, or are we embracing the cow in all its Milky glory?

Maybe we should be like AA and just stick to tea, coffee, juice and heartwrenchingly stale Oreos? And where do we meet? An virtual chuch basement?

Geesh. Support groups are hard....especially virtual ones.

J: You're right, I was having a hard time letting go. I guess that proves I really need the support group, huh? 

So, maybe we should stick to sparkling lemonade. If we have tea & coffee people will want to add milk.. and we all know where that road leads... 

Ah, Milky... bringing the world together one blogger at a time.


l i s a said...

wow, i am so glad i am just young enough that i have no milky the cow scars. but i'm still old enough to remember the 80s and i don't know why teenagers have to keep REMINDING me by wearing blue eyeshadow, skinny jeans, and other neon accountrements.

l i s a said...

and really large eyeglasses!
(if you're not going to use your rant blog, i'm going to rant in your comments).

Amanda in RI said...

Ugh, Lisa, I had the large eyeglasses. Thanks for the painful memories.


l i s a said...

amanda--so did i! that's why i don't like it when the trendy people wear them on purpose now. all memories and photos of those glasses should be buried, never to be seen again.

Jocelyn said...

*wipes a quiet tear from her eye*

...with a cow teat.

Jason, as himself said...

I read your 100 things. You and I could be great friends; we have a lot in common.

I was 15 when my youngest sibling was born. But I'm the oldest of six, not seven.

And a bunch of other stuff!