Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Magnetic Personality

Shots from the Studio (That's WunderStudio).

Magnet assembly.

Smelly used up glue (upper right).

Brain cells shed and lying on the table due to inhalation of toxic smelly glue just so you could have some stinkin' magnets (invisible to the naked eye).

Magnets on an oatmeal can. Waiting to be packaged in yet-to-be-acquired tins and put up on the woefully empty post-Christmas site.

Finished products accomplished: One, before I ran out of tins.
I like it though. Do you?


l i s a said...

i like that green box. sorry about the brain cells though. would some ventilation be in order?

do you find yourself eating a lot of altoids in order to keep yourself in tins? (i don't know if i'd recommend it.)

jess said...

Naw, I don't like Altoids. This is why I am tinless, I rely on the kindness of Altoids-eaters-who-are-also-hoarders-who-don't-throw-things-away.

Michael was kindly eating altoids in order to keep me in tins (though not fast enough, I must say) but unfortunately the last time he gave me a tin I may have thrown it at him in a fit of pique and then broken up with him and stormed off. I thought about going back and asking for it but even I don't have that much nerve.

Jocelyn said...

Well crud. My mom (she of not-great taste) gave us two little tins of Whitman Sampler chocolates at Xmas, and I foolishly made her keep them--to put her sewing notions into. I could totally have sent them to you. I'm now on a wee tin mission.

l is a said...

thanks for the info, jess. i wish the postal service had some sort of deal where i could send you my trash (the kind that i won't throw away because it might be useful but i'm so far from crafty it just collects in my kitchen cabinets and under my bed) and you could send me cool things. until they make that arrangement, it will likely be cheaper for you to buy altoids and give away the contents.

or maybe this is an opportunity to discover something else that can be upcycled to something beautiful.