Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh, My Happy Heart


Remember when you gave us a bag of books last year? (I think you were thinning out your library after so many moves!) Well, some of the books I kept included children's books by E. Nesbitt. M and S had loved "The Railway Children" when I read it to them years ago, but they didn't seem to take to "5 Children and It" when I tried that. Must have been a matter of timing because I pulled your copy of "5 Children..." off the shelf for M last week and she has LOVED it. I mean, laugh-out-loud loved it! She was very sad to finish it today and said that the author hinted at a continuation of the story in the last chapter but, "I bet she never wrote one....". Well, I went back to the shelf with your books and, lo and behold, I find "The Story of the Amulet" by E. Nesbitt -- the sequel!! She is going to be SO excited tomorrow when she sees that on her schoolwork pile! :-) Thank you, once again, for thinking of us and sharing the joy of reading.

Hope all is well with you.




flutter said...

this is wonderful!

l i s a said...

the ultimate compliment.