Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nothing More Than...

I am watching Extreme Home Makeover and crying like a baby. Shut up, all right? You would too. This family of seven lost everything when their home caught fire. They're all pillars of the community types, a salt-of-the-earth middle class family who live in a small town in Connecticut just over the border from Rhode Island. Obviously good people even though they didn't actually live in Rhode Island. They were reduced to living in a tent. In Connecticut. In the winter. Did I mention it was in Connecticut? Awful, right? No wait, I haven't even gotten close to the sad part yet. 

After months of homelessness, they'd finally found a rental house and were looking forward to trying to return to normal life when the father, swimming with the children at a local lake, drowned. The teen-aged oldest son managed to save his younger sister and brother, who were with their father when he went under, but went back for his dad and never came up. They both drowned. The little girl thinks it was her fault. Yeah. Tell me you wouldn't cry.

The peoples from Extreme Home Makeover along with the entire rest of the town came and built them an giant castle in homage to their father and brother, who loved all things knightly and medieval. When did television get so damned heartwarming? I am having to watch Sense and Sensibility on Masterpiece Theatre to recover. There's nothing like a little Jane Austen to soothe ruffled emotions. 

The Portland plan is being held in abeyance this week. I am taking a week to consider the downsides. Of everything. In life. I knew the high of the last few weeks wouldn't last and sure enough, things are on the downslide. I am looking forward to being too busy with work to have feelings. Woot! Down With Feelings!!! Feelings suck!!! I think I need to eat some tapioca pudding. I always feel better after I good tapioca pudding.


flutter said...

oooo less tapioca, more pudding

l i s a said...

That is a sad story. What I keep getting stuck in is why their town (that they were salt-of-the-earth pillars of the community in) let them sleep in a tent in the winter. Surely there was some better temporary accommodation? But, really, a tragedy.

If you do have time to update us, that will be lovely. But if you need to nap, too, do that instead:).

COMomma said...

OK, so obviously we are friends. We watch the same TV. But I have to admit, in order to watch EMHE, I have to emotionally distance myself a bit, like read a book during parts of it, or play a computer game. So, so sad. I only cried once. And then I watches S&S with you on PBS. Bless Masterpiece Theater!

jess said...

I likes the tapioca! Though other puddings are also quite acceptable.

Lisa- yeah that is a bit odd, eh? Maybe they played up the drama for tv. I don't think they were in a tent for that long, they also lived with people part of the time. It was probably summer by the time they were camping, no matter what Ty says

Ru, of course we are friends! We are friends who play phone tag! I'm going to try and call you today. Be home, okay? ;) p.s. That guy who played Edward is my new favorite man hunk.