Monday, April 13, 2009

Perfect Easter

Beautiful sunny warm spring weather and the official first dress-wearing of the year. 

Hearing 3 good friends beautifully share their stories at church. Singing my favorite worship songs with my church family.

Having a post-church conversation with Scott and finding that I'm not the only one who thinks sermons are boring and responsive readings are creepy.

Going to lunch and then the Japanese stationery and grocery stores with friends to stock up on Kawaii Gone Bad and Pocky for the nephews.

Taking a traditional ceremonial redemptive Easter Nap. Waking to find it still light out at 7:30. Intoning irreverently (in the spirit of Easter) "I have arisen."

Hanging out with great people at the Russet house, watching (listening to) a Pink Floyd concert dvd and eating Zachburgers. Followed by a short nap on a beanbag and then singing Happy Birthday and eating Cake. Wrapping up with a gut-busting session of reminiscing college hijinks. Including the time when Mabi & his associates stole the toilet seats from the girls' bathrooms and hid them in the woods. And the time Jill, Becky and I wrote a radio play to get the maintenance crew to fix our stopped up sink.*

*It worked


Christy said...

such a fun sounding easter!!!!

jess said...

Would've been better if you were there!

heyroth said...

Were these zachburgers taken from the rare and tasty zach animal? Extra rare for me, thanks.

Diesel said...

Responsive readings are a little creepy, aren't they? It's a little cultish.

COMomma said...

But then they went and ruined our mold/fungi experiment and we had to use the sink again.

NannyGarcia said...

Thanks for ruining responsive readings for me, ha ha!

jess said...

The Zach burgers were made by Zach, not of Zach, Roth, that way you can have them another time. It's like having your Zachburger and eating it too.

Diesel, yeah, it's so monotone and, well, robotic sounding.

Ru, I know huh? Why didn't we preserve a copy of that?!?!?

NG, yeah, sorry about that. If it makes you feel better though, I am embroiled in an argument on FB over the legalization of pot (taking the pro side) even though I'm not a fan of the stuff myself. :)