Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coming [as] Soon!!! [as Katie gets her butt in gear and uploads the photos.]

My supercool sister Katie came to visit on her spring break. We established that she was not moving to California and I reigned in the big sister bossy pants in me. Then I took her to see elephant seals in Ano Nuevo. This was delightful in that it allowed me to listen while Katie called our ultra-conservative-Christian parents and informed them that I'd brought her to see weaners. On the beach. Awesome.

Conversation with my mom (who is nervous that I'm going to corrupt Katie with my liberal-commie-pinko-hippie-tree-loving-left-coast-socialist-pagan-ungodly-corrupted ways)* pre-Katie's visit:

Mom: "...and no making her get an Obama tattoo!"

Me: "Now don't worry Mom, I've got it all figured out. She'll probably come home knocked up, but rest assured, she'll also be pro-choice, so she can get it 'taken care of.'"

Mom: I'm not going to give her the satisfaction of laughing, I'm not going to give her the satisfaction of laughing, I'm not going to 

Coming soon: a more derailed detailed version of the Adventures of Katie and Jess. Including our informative sampling of every form of public transportation San Francisco offers, all in one day! I wanted to make sure Katie learned something to make up for missing two days of school and this lesson was entitled Her big sister has absolutely no sense of direction.

*It's ironic- wait, is that the right word? Funnyhaha? Funnystrange? Irritating?- that I'm simultaneously derided by my conservative family for being too wild while I'm being lectured by some guy that I met on the internet on my old-fashioned prudish ways because I told him there's no chance I'm going to sleep with him. [Hi, Steve.] 

A girl just can't win.


l i s a said...

ano nuevo and weaners. oh, my, that was quite the image in my head. although i'm sure many anglos spell año the way you did, it's one of those key words in spanish that really needs the fancy curly thing over the n ;). run it through an online translator if you don't believe me.

if that was just the teaser, i can't wait for the rest!

jess said...

Haha ha, oh my, that's perilous. Thanks for the heads up, Lisa .I don't know how to make the accent thingy work. Although I did mention it to someone here and she corrected me, "Oh, Ah-no Nuevo" and I was like, "Um, yeah, I guess?" but I shouldn't be surprised because there's a town named Los Gatos here and all the natives pronounce it "Les Gyatas" with the most incredible approximation of a Cranston nasal twang.