Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update [Lisa, this is for you.]

Since you can't use a feed reader with private blogs. I'm going to try to remember to post a heads-up here when something new is up at the vault of naughtiness, bad words, candy, and harrowing tales of internet dating that Jess Uncensored is turning into. [Lisa, this is for you.] No boys allowed so far but if you're female, not my mom, and want to join in the fun, email me at @ gmail . com (no spaces in the actual address) and I'll invite you in.

1 comment:

l i s a said...

ummm, thanks from luddite land? i read those entries but it's going to take me a minute to stop blinking furiously and think of some responses.

in the meantime, lighten up, wouldja?