Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Jess would like to point out that she was not thinking of any one person in particular when she posited in this post that boys were nothing but trouble. 

Jess is not responsible for comments she makes in her blog and the opinions expressed in this blog are not neccesarily shared by Jess or anyone related to her. 

Boys are nothing but trouble, which is a documented fact supported by evidence that one of Jess's younger brothers once spit up in her very long hair when he was a baby and no teenaged girl should have to live through that kind of horror. However that doesn't mean Jess doesn't like boys or that life would not certainly be somewhat boring were they less trouble than they in fact are. 

Also, Jess recognizes the fact that girls are at least as much if not more trouble when they want to be although she herself is fairly sure that she has never caused even the tiniest speck of trouble in her lifetime, or at least that no one has ever proved this in a court of law.

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l i s a said...

i bet you didn't really mean it when you said you were wrapped in a slice of bologna either. i want my money back.