Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ovaries are Overrated

I think I've leveled out. I suddenly just started to feel fine; like the bottom wasn't falling out of my life. Heh. Freakin' drug/hormones combinations, sometimes I hate being a girl. Whenever my antidepressant levels are out of whack it seems to affect everything else. Like right now? 

[warning, grody girl stuff ahead. Read at your own risk. I'm talking to you, Dad, and Zach...] 

I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating. Is that something I need to know, Body? I DON'T THINK SO!!! I happily exist most of the time in a state of blissful ignorance about what my ovaries are doing, but not this month, no. 

I couldn't figure out why my right leg hurt at the hip joint this morning. Did I pull it? Heavens, no, it's not like I've exercised or anything lately! Then the pain started to radiate upward and sideways and I remembered that pain, it was so familiar, it was, it was... Right, stupid trouble-making right ovary. Let me tell ya, if I don't manage to use this danged reproductive system to pop out a kid someday I am going to be really, really bitter about the fact that I didn't make the doctor yank it out years ago.


l i s a said...

can't you just put them in a box and save them in case you need them later?

Stuce said...

okay, not to discount your ovaries, but why does your visitor map have a dot on what looks like no-man's land towards the north pole? That area can only be visited by plane, and is quite desolate. I'd love to hear about it sometime.

Yeah, I'd hold on to the ovary..
And, you CAN freeze your eggs. That didn't come out as encouraging as it sounded in my head.

jess said...

Dude. Finland, LOLcat search. That's all I have to say. :)

Lisa, is that what I should do with leftover egg cartons? I hate just throwing them away...

l i s a said...

Yes, Jess, that is exactly what you should do with them. Ask Dr. Google if you need help with the specifics.

Personally, I just bring the egg cartons to the farmers market (a/k/a FM) and give them to the egg farmers to re-use. But that's because I don't need my ovaries.

Imagine with me the blogger whose blog gets a hit through "how to put ovaries into egg carton." Yeah, you know you want to help enlighten that person.