Monday, January 26, 2009

Book of Air and Shadows

I read this book. I came across it at the library when I was looking to see if I could find something else by Sara Gruen (Water for Elephants- fantastic. Her 2 previous books- meh). I didn't, but hey, this Gruber dude's book looks fun... It was indeed. The Book of Air and Shadows* by Michael Gruber, is a literary thriller that combines Shakespeare with New York lawyers, chubby book nerds, and Jewish gangsters. It's incredibly fun and eminently quotable. I had many moments of regret over not copying things down while I was reading and I've since returned it to the library, but I did write down this quote, one I really liked.

*The links are to Amazon. The Washington Post review is kind of awesome. :)

So here it is. The background is that one of the main characters is finding, after living a largely uneventful life, that the intrigue he's involved in is just a little too much like a thrilling movie. And that watching movie plots is a lot easier than living them. His more daring brother is the first speaker.

"Whereas now," he continued, undismayed, "you're living the life of a man, every moment rich with import, with danger and excitement. A Shakespearean life, you could say... Would you want Hamlet to back to college and join a frat? Get drunk and party and get a B minus in Scholasticism 101?"

"Doesn't he get killed at the end of the play?"

"He does, but don't we all? The choice is only how we live in the previous five acts."

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COMomma said...

Have you read Jasper Fforde? I love his Tuesday Next series, along with the Nursery Rhyme murders (he mixes literary with reality and it makes for something quite funny in my book).

Also, Eats, Shoots and Leaves - funniest grammar book EVER. She is hilarious, and I needed the semi-colon versus colon reminders anyway... (ooh, an ellipses, did I use it correctly?)

Going to reserve your new review.

Thinking of you as I personally watch stuff that you are going through play out at my house. And I quote, "If I were missing a leg, everyone would know my disability and help me work through and with it."