Thursday, December 17, 2009

I AM the Law 'Round These Parts, Mister

I'm staying with my sister, Lib and her family. They live as far from anywhere as you can get without leaving Rhode Island. My niece and nephew are criminally cute. Or possibly just criminal...

I've fallen somewhat in Luke's estimation because I really suck at Lego Indian Jones, his favorite Wii game, but he still climbed into bed and snuggled with me the first morning I was here. Bailey doesn't remember me but after a day or two of hugging mommy's leg and shouting "No!" at me every time I entered the room, she's warmed up and gives me voluntary kisses and hugs.

Today I went to my friend Amanda's house. I've known Amanda since we were roughly 11 years of age. She made me eat two cookies and a cinnamon roll/apple pie concoction that she whipped up on the spot. I protested (you know, gentle readers, that I normally shun such rich fare and prefer a tasty vegetable dish over a cookie any day) but she insisted and I didn't want to be rude so I ate it all and pretended to like it. The burdens this friendship puts on me, people.


Amanda said...

I appreciate you taking one for the team, Jess. LOL I'm SO glad you could come over!

l i s a said...

I too am discovering the vast importance of being good at Wii. That is, I too am terrible at Wii and my nephew is not impressed.