Monday, April 13, 2009

Perfect Easter

Beautiful sunny warm spring weather and the official first dress-wearing of the year. 

Hearing 3 good friends beautifully share their stories at church. Singing my favorite worship songs with my church family.

Having a post-church conversation with Scott and finding that I'm not the only one who thinks sermons are boring and responsive readings are creepy.

Going to lunch and then the Japanese stationery and grocery stores with friends to stock up on Kawaii Gone Bad and Pocky for the nephews.

Taking a traditional ceremonial redemptive Easter Nap. Waking to find it still light out at 7:30. Intoning irreverently (in the spirit of Easter) "I have arisen."

Hanging out with great people at the Russet house, watching (listening to) a Pink Floyd concert dvd and eating Zachburgers. Followed by a short nap on a beanbag and then singing Happy Birthday and eating Cake. Wrapping up with a gut-busting session of reminiscing college hijinks. Including the time when Mabi & his associates stole the toilet seats from the girls' bathrooms and hid them in the woods. And the time Jill, Becky and I wrote a radio play to get the maintenance crew to fix our stopped up sink.*

*It worked

Interview with Mrs. Spit

Continued. Question 2 is here.

3. How should the church respond to the present environmental challenges

I think the church should bury its collective head in the sand while chanting, "There's no such thing as global warming!!" Yeah, that works. My dad, for instance, holds fast to his belief that the hole in the ozone layer is a crazy story Al Gore made up and the increase of skin cancer is just due to the fact that people wear too little clothing these days. Of course, Dad was also recycling and composting before it was cool to do so, so I guess it all balances out. 

Oh wait, did you want a serious answer? Again, balance, balance, balance; and thus no easy formulaic answer. I do think it's ridiculous for Christians to claim the earth is our domain and we should feel free to treat it in whatever way seems to benefit us most at the moment. That's like a good ruler handing the throne over to a regent so that his people could be well cared for, only to have the regent turn them into slaves and justify his actions with the fact that the king had turned power over to him so it's his right (or even responsibility) to use and abuse it at will.

I also wish the church would stop trying to pick a fight with the scientific community. It makes Christians look like idiots and there's a long history (see: Galileo, etc.) of the church being proved wrong in the end. The scientific community wouldn't be so anti-religion in general if they hadn't always been treated as the enemies of truth by religious authorities who claimed to have a stranglehold on the concept. I'm not saying science is infallible by any stretch of the imagination, or that scientists don't have their own prejudices but why assume that they're always out to get the church?   

A lot of the controversy is over things that we just don't/can't know. Will the polar ice caps melt from global warming? Nobody knows for sure. Some people believe wholeheartedly and with good reason that they will, some believe just as strongly that they are incorrect in their research and reasoning. Maybe side A is right, maybe side B is right, but the future is really just an unknown at any time. It's when we start assigning right and wrong to questions like this that the issues get tangled and discussion stalls. Why is it more Christian to believe that we haven't damaged the world than that we have? 

  1. Update: I'm adding a link to this article I found in The Christian Century by one of my favorite Christian writers, Real Live Preacher. He says what I'm trying to say far more eloquently than I could.  The Lion and the Lamb

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Madeline died.

She was here and then suddenly, not. She survived an early birth and a harrowing first few months of life, only to succumb unexpectedly at 17 months. I can't think too deeply about what her parents must be feeling right now.

I knew her story but had not followed it too closely- too many blogs, not enough time- but I can't avoid the news of this loss. It's everywhere. This little corner of the internet is bleeding today.

The Spohr's blog is inaccessible right now, overloaded by traffic, and shut down until something can be done to get it up and running again. In the meantime, Maddie's parents have requested donations to The March of Dimes in her memory.

Look at this smile.

Dance with angels, Madeline Alice Spohr.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

funny pictures of cats with captions
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funny pictures of cats with captions

Mrs. Spit Stumps Me

Mrs. Spit's was kind enough to interview me, ages ago. I decided to answer her questions one at a time for fear that I'll never finish the post where I attempt to answer them all (also out of kindness to my readers, because I do tend to ramble on, and nobody has that long an attention span). Also completely out of order starting with this Anne of Green Gables question because it's the easiest:

2. Would you have forgiven Gilbert sooner than Anne did?

Hmmm, I don't know. Had he really done anything wrong (other than calling her Carrots, which I excuse because teenaged boys are just dumb and they can't help it)? I'd like to say I would have but I can definitely be as neurotic as Anne. For instance much of my life has been spent having fruitless crushes on boy-friends who are not interested in me. To clarify, it's not that I fall for the buddy types. It's that they only seem attractive to me after I've established that they will never actually pursue me. Relationships are so much safer if they never get started, don't you think?

To get back to the question at hand, when I'm watching the movie, I'm all for giving Gil a chance and it has nothing to do with that fact that he's cute because I am not shallow like that. Hardly. But I'm definitely at least as stubborn and neurotic as Anne so I probably would have had a torrid short-lived affair with that boring rich guy and ended up an alcoholic stupor in PEI's only insane asylum, ranting about Rollings Reliable baking powder and my lost chances with Gilbert.