Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've been busy with the usual stuff: working, playing, resting, fighting with Daniel, making up, making out, living life. The D man & I are crazy climbing buddies lately. D took a class and learned how to set anchors (translation: how to do the outdoor ropes stuff) so we've been having outdoor climbing excursions instead of just going to the gym. Sunday we got really adventurous and followed directions in a slightly outdated climbing guidebook to a remote area of a state preserve. By the time we managed to off-trail our way around to the accessible side of the giant rock formation we barely had time to rappel down it before booking it to the car before sunset. Just as well since it turned out the climb was a smooth rock face with few holds and lots of moss. Pretty much beyond even D's impressive climbing skills.

The rappelling was, um what's the word... terrifying. I felt completely confident in Daniel's safety skillz so that wasn't a problem, but the idea of just the two of us out there- knowing that if something did go wrong he'd have to leave me alone in the woods to go for help- that was scary. Also the whole looking over the high cliff and then letting go and trusting the rope & harness to hold me. That was scary too. I wish I had pictures because it would've been a great shot, watching him rappel down the sheer rock face from the angle I was sitting at.

Also, we're taking a Cross-Step Waltz class from Richard Powers, who is apparently a big deal if you know anything about ballroom dancing, which I don't. The class is super fun, although I have to say I don't see competitive waltzing in our future. We're pretty good at laughing at ourselves, which is key in many endeavors as well as generally useful for life.

For my birthday outing adventure Daniel took me, per my request, to this place: California Academy of Science. It was very cool. Tomorrow I'm partying fifties style with a sock hop at my house, poodle skirts and all! If I didn't invite you and you live around here, I just forgot. Unless you're a stalker, in which case I didn't invite you on purpose. But if you're a friend and not a stalker, come to my house at 7 tomorrow night and bring your bobby socks! Daniel will be spiking the punch.

Happy Birthday to Me

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to,
blog if I want to,
blog if I want toooooo.
You would blog too if you hadn't blogged in three months and people kept bugging you on Faceboooooook!

Yeah so... I am still alive. And just... haven't felt like blogging, I guess. But my sweet little bro, Zach, and his awesome girlfriend just had their pictures taken by Christy's photographer best friend and they look so stinkin' cute that I couldn't resist sharing them with you. Here's the link. And here.

Tabitha apparently is a pretty talented gal. If you live in the bay area and want some pictures taken, check out her site!

In other news. I am sick. On my birthday. Yep, it is teh suck. But the upside is I'm home from work, lolling around, for two days of what was turning out to be an incredibly stressful and busy week; so it's not all bad. Plus I ate apple pie for lunch. If my food is going to foment rebellion and organize a mutiny as soon as it hits my stomach I might as well enjoy it while it's going down, right?