Sunday, January 10, 2010

Because I know you're dying to know what my opinion is on the latest blockbusters...

I think I've seen more movies this holiday season than I did the rest of the year put together. My sister Katie McAwesomePants has a job working at the local movie theater and the rest of my family now regards paying for a movie ticket as a thing of the past.


Me: How about Avatar?

All: Seen it.

Me: Well, I want to see Invictus.

Daniel: But it's not playing at Katie's theater so she can't get us in for free.

Me: Oh, does that mean we can't see it?

Huw: Well Katie wouldn't be able to put us on the list, so...

Me: We could... I dunno... go to the other theater and... pay for it?

Julie: ...[words fail her and the look of absolute horror on her face makes them unnecessary anyway]

Me: Or... I guess we could see Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Everyone: [collective sigh of relief]*

*Because my family members will probably complain that they didn't actually say any of those things I should add the disclaimer that I make crap up all the time. The preceding conversation was a re-creation based on actual events, or something like that.

So that's how I ended up seeing Hugh "I play one character, and also myself"** Grant and Sarah "only cool people share my middle name" Parker in the worst movie of the year. Nothing more needs to be said on that subject.

**I used to think maybe Hugh Grant couldn't act and the daffy-but-lovable stammering Brit he always played was just his real personality, but then he got caught with that hooker and played Daniel Cleaver and it turns out he's actually a complete asshole who plays one character and then occasionally gets a role in which which does not require acting (see: Cleaver in Bridget Jones, also, About A Boy).

The night before I left I didn't want to sleep because I had to leave for the airport at 2 to catch a 5:30 flight out of Boston since I had no idea what to expect at security.*** So Julie and Libby and I went to see Avatar (Ju was nice enough to see it again) at 10 pm. Good times. It was purty. I recommend the 3d version. Even if you actually have to buy a ticket.

This weekend I saw Leap Year (silly but fun), Invictus (just, wow. Go see it, really), and New Moon (Oh Em Gee, it was like, rilly rilly funny? But, like, I don't think it was supposed to be? You can cut the teen angst with a knife. But it'll dull your knife.)

***Thank you, Mr "I'm not just happy to see you that's a bomb in my pants" Christmas Terrorist, for the extra wait times and the pat-down at security. It was special.


Amanda said...

Hey chicka,
I had heard that the Hugh Grant movie was awful.
I really wanted to see New Moon in the theater, but missed it.
I just am not that psyched about Avatar, heard that it was kind of heavy handed in it's earth-love message.
Might get Invictus on dvd when it comes out--I had a college boyfriend who was obsessed with all things South African.
I'd really like to see Leap Year, but not sure if I can get Steve to go see it with me.
Okay, you've officially seen more movies in the theater in 2 weeks than I've seen in 2 years. Sigh. :)

Katie McAwesomePants said...

Yes yes, fascinating. Now tell me more about this Katie McAwesomePants...
I agree about Leap Year. It was cute. Now I really want to go to Ireland so I too can have some crazy hijinks and meet a charming Irish man who calls me an idjit. And if that doesn't happen I can always sue for disillusionment.

jess said...

Well let's see, she has a tragically neglected blog...