Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Terrible news, friends: My computer has died an ignomious death!!! I am typing this at the library, waiting for my Apple genius reservation but I'm 98% sure that the hard drive crashed and was wiped out. I'm hoping that mine was in the round of Macbooks that had bad hard drives and Apple will replace it for free. Pray for my poor laptop!!!


l i s a said...


I hope it's better than you're expecting. Computers are scary.

jess said...

Good news!!! It isone of the faulty ones so Apple is replaceing the hard drive. I'll probably be mostly out of comission- computerwise- until next week. I should have it back in the next few days but I'm going to Hume Lake this weekend with the jr high group at church for snowy hijinks and no sleep. Halp!