Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rantelly Rantingness!!

I have 'et some caffeine. To help me deal with the Worst Diaper Blowout Ever tm.

Peoplez, there was poop everywhere (don't worry, I will tell you all about it in detail later. I know you are dying to hear). So now I am awake. At 2. When I have to be at work at 8 to face the possibility of yet another WDBE tm I find it worrying when a parent greets my tale of poopy mayhem with a nod and a knowing expression that says, "Ordinary day for the new nanny, then."*

Wait, I was saying something... Oh YES, CAFFEINE!!! Am now awake 12 hours later because caffeine does that to be but only sometimes not on a regular enough basis that I become convinced I should not take it to help me get through the rest of the day with small squirmy cute but poopy baby. And sleepless nights are great for ranting and raving, I find. After all if I'm up, and annoyed about it, I might as well direct it somewhere useful, right? So mosey on over here and weigh in on my heretical views about singleness and Christians, eh?

*To clarify: I am working a temporary job this week and next, still looking for something more permanent.


B.J. Porter said...

Oh come on, it can't be as bad as the Great Blueberry Disaster that we had with child #2 watching the airshow from the boat.

Of course that might stand out less in your mind than mine since you were the "Nanny with a Day Off Hanging on a Boat" and I was the "Dad Down Below Hosing Blue Poop Off the Boat Cushions."

But you were a witness! Never, ever leave a child still in diapers alone with a pint of blueberries.

jess said...

LOL, I dunno, by the end of it there was poop on the shower curtain, that's pretty bad. But yeah, at least I wasn't on a boat and blueberries are very dangerous in conjunction with diapered children. However if we're going with Porter children I could bring up the time when Danielle discovered that she could changer her own diapers, with varying success rates, or the time Will was standing in front of the toilet when particularly loud thunderclap inspired him to launch himself at me. I'm just lucky it scared piss right out of him, literally. ;)

Mandy Sue said...

Oh Jess, I feel your pain. I have just started nannying for the first time, and I've been at it for just over a month for two boys (aged 3 & 17 months) and I have to say it makes me appreciate your nannying stories. I have to say...I hate pull up diapers with a passion. The 3 year old is in them as they are trying to potty train him but he's scared of falling in the toilet (his words) and boy are everyday poopy diapers NOT fun to clean up when it's everywhere.

Kjerste said...

Wow. I feel like I crawled into your blog and wrote this post.

Jocelyn said...

You take me back, my friend, to the times that not only the baby needed a hosing down but I, too, had to get in the shower after the diaper change.