Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Part the Third

NEW: Now with pictures!!

(Make sure you didn't miss parts one and two! Unless you wanted to, in which case I can't blame you, they're both ridiculously long and contain way more information about me than anyone really wants to know).

August- School starts on the 9th in Modesto!!!! We decide on a last minute camping trip the week before school starts, as a last hurrah to summer. I drag my feet about the preparations. Todd insists we must go. We end up setting a tent up in the dark. I am not thrilled. After a few hours of sleep I feel immensely less grumpy and the trip just gets better from there.

I almost fall off of a really big rock.

We spend two days at Hume Lake,
having pure, unadulterated fun.

We all have a superfantastic time.

After a few days of recovering at home, school starts. The children love their new school. The children finally get tired of saying, "Jess!! You almost died!!!!" and we all agree to forget about that unfortunate incident with the rock.

Me & the lovely Bry

We attend a wedding in the bay area and I get to show off my new family at my old church the next day. I try not to brag too much but they are pretty cute. Especially the tall one! The kids have so much fun in Sunday school that they don't want to leave.

September- Todd plays a lot of Nintendo in an effort to relive his youth. 
He looks perplexed. I cannot imagine why.

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