Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why Yes, I DID Hot-Glue Seashells to the Toilet

 It's time for Jess's decorating advice!!! Gather 'round, children, I am about to impart wisdom the likes of which you have never heard before. If you're lucky, you will never hear it again, but if you keep reading my blog I can't make any promises.

We are currently rockin' a seaside theme in our half bathroom. Lest you hold me responsible give me any credit, let me point out that it was all Todd's idea. He swears I have an evil agenda to throw away all of his stuff. This is so not true, I only want to throw away the ugly stuff. Can I help it that he is a boy and lacks my superior aesthetic skills? No, I certainly can't. And also (while we're on this topic) have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous as a man wanting an equal amount of closet space as a woman? I keep telling him that if he wants me to look nice, wear makeup, etc. (I'm up to almost once a week now!) he has to understand that it's my right as a woman, indeed my duty, to have more shoes than him. I do not understand why he cannot see my point. But! I digress. We were talking about the bathroom. There are shells and stuff. Like this:

And I had a bunch left over at the end that were too heavy to put in the net. But I knew that if I didn't use them somehow Todd would accuse me of hating his stuff and making him get rid of it while keeping all of my useless craft items. So I combined the two. Reader, I certainly did. I got my handy mini glue gun out and I glued seashells to the back of the toilet. I hope he's happy.

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