Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Fail at NanoBloMoPoFo-whatever

I can't even finish the last 30 Day prompt, even though, or perhaps because I've already written several paragraphs. They bore me. I am bored. I do not feel like writing. I have to much to do. November is a bad month for NANOWRIMO. Plus Todd hasn't written anything in days so ppffffttt.

In other exciting news though, today I had 2 cavities filled and then ran out of gas. It was harrowing, but not so much that I couldn't go to the local kids' consignment shop and score some sweet deals on pants for the extra-short people. Now that they have more than 2 pairs that fit I can transition to only doing laundry every other day.*

 Well, bleepity bleep. I just erased three paragraphs and Blogger helpfully immediately automatically saved the post so I can't hit undo. I'm not writing all that again. Didn't I just tell you I don't feel like writing? Geez... Anyway, to sum up we put a lot of gas in the car Saturday night and then the gas gauge was broken but apparently we didn't and it wasn't or something because although we drove the rest of the way home and ran errands for a few days, today when I left the dentist although I should have had at least half a tank I barely managed to coast into a gas station- hoping the problem was fuel related and not something more expensive dire. It took 12 gallons to fill my tank up. I have a 10 gallon tank.

Also I ate a bunch of the kids' Halloween candy after they went to bed in spite of the fact that I've had five cavities filled in the last month and still have to go back for five more. Getting old sucks.

*Oddly enough- because it's me, remember?- I'm not complaining. I've always kinda liked laundry and now that I'm doing a whole bunch of other people's in addition to my own, I kinda like it even more.


l i s a said...

Nomo, mofo.
At least we still have short Fbook updates.

l i s a said...

Maybe you could write about avoiding gluten. I'm curious.