Monday, November 29, 2010


You guys, I had the best Thanksgiving evaar.

The Saturday night before, with the kids, we had a mini rotisserie turkey breast plus other fixin's that I bought from the store instead of cooking. It was simple and last-minute and when we each took a turn saying what we were thankful for Daphne said, "I'm thankful that Jess is part of our family." And then I died of happiness because I so do not deserve everything I've been given.

Sunday the kids went to their mom's for the week.

Wednesday Todd and I cleaned the holy hell out of the apartment and then went out and finally acquired some couches. We have been sitting on the removable minivan seat and our one easy chair up until now. Also lots of pillows and the floor.

By the time T's mom and brother arrived late Thursday afternoon our little place looked homier than ever. It's amazing what a couch, loveseat & coffee table/decrepit antique steamer trunk can do for a living room. We built a fire in the fireplace, I made fried rice with orange chicken (thank you, Trader Joe's) and we spent the evening talking, laughing and watching a perfectly horrendous movie that traumatized every single one of us for life. You don't even want to know what it was, believe me. Then we laughed some more about the movie and how dumb we were to watch it knowing how awful it would be. Then Todd and his mom competed for who could say the most inappropriate thing. Todd won. His mom apologized to me for creating a monster but I told her it is natural for an exceptionally gifted student to surpass even his teacher and when it comes to making inappropriate jokes Todd is unrivaled. That's why I like him so much. I secretly enjoy making angry eyebrows and giving stern disapproving looks while I'm laughing on the inside.

Friday Todd and I (after a sputtering start in which Todd asked if I had started on the turkey and I told him snottily that if he wanted to feed his relatives that was no concern of mine and why didn't he start the turkey) jointly made a delicious Thanksgiving feast consisting of turkey, (awesomely) mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry glop, corn and (wait for it) brussels sprouts. I ate all of it, even the vegetables. Apparently if you drench anything in bacon it tastes at least 20 times better. Then we ate pie, sat around and clutched our stomachs and moaned, watched Harvey, and had jolly adult conversations that we couldn't have had with the kids around. All in all if we had to be apart from the kids on Thanksgiving it was lovely to be able to appreciate it with some grown up time. Of course, T and I never quite managed to get our planned "date night" in but the trade off (couches) was totally worth it.

Saturday night the kids came home and our wee family was reunited.

Saturday we rested and thought about how good life is just now.

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