Friday, December 31, 2010

As Promised: More Stuff!

Todd scolded me for what he called "an unsatisfying blog post" the other day. Well okay, he didn't really scold as much as comment. But he's right. I need to get back on the literary wagon, so to speak, and stop writing half-formed boring posts about nothing.

As my first topic I'm going to talk about the kids, because they're not here this week and we miss them. They're brilliant, charming and gorgeous to behold, of course. Doesn't every parent think that about his/her own child? But also? They're pretty frickin' hilarious. Stone (i.e. Mr. Personality) keeps us in stitches. Daphne is a fair bit more... ladylike and usually serves as his straight man. She's gotten really good at rolling her eyes. Here are some recent gems:

Scene: Kids' room. Stone is getting dressed.

Jess: [suspiciously, eyeing pajama bottoms sans underpants on floor] Stone, did you put clean underpants on when you changed?

Stone: [enthusiastically] Yeah!! I did!

Todd: You did?

Stone: [nodding emphatically] I did!

Todd: Where are the dirty ones?

Stone: [His most sincere winning smile plastered to his face as he nods] I put them in the hamper!!!!!

Todd: Show me.

Stone: Okay! ... Um.... Uh...OK....Nooo... maybe I didn't...

Overheard from the kids' room:

Daphne (somewhat horrified) "Did you really swallow that?"

Stone (excitedly) "Yeah I really did! I swallowed it! And then I burped it out!!!"

I don't even want to know.

Daphne: (accusingly) Sto-one, did you wash your hands?

Stone: Yes!

Jess: You weren't in there very long.

**calculating silence...wheels turning, gears grinding etc.**

Stone: I washed them WHILE I was using the bathroom!

Daph & Jess: *facepalm*

Stone: Hey guys! We were wrestling and I made Daphne say uncle, AGAIN!! How can a small brother make a big sister say uncle two times in a row??!?!?!?!

Me: I guess you're just a really good wrestler, Buddy.

Stone: Nah, I think it's 'cuz of my fat belly from breakfast.

Stone: "Dear God, thank you for the good food and the bestest family ever. And... and soon Christy's gonna marry Zach and then she'll be our sister! Amen."

Stone [apropos of I can't remember what]: Daphne run, Daddy has a knife!!!

It's like a circus around here, really. And it's great.

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