Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh, Mah Toof

I had a head cold last week. It was an unpleasant time to be sick, especially since a lot of our Christmas projects were put off until the last minute. But I drank lots of OJ and a few days after Christmas the cold started to abate. Cue sinus infection. sigh

The pain has resolved itself into my upper jaw (think toothache) and seems to be settled in to stay. Also? It's a holiday weekend and I don't have a doctor in Modesto. Yay! I've been taking decongestants and doing sinus rinses and chugging tea and breathing in steam from boiled eucalyptus leaves but nothing really helps the pain.

None of this is very interesting, I know, and for that I apologize. At least I didn't ask you to read the multi-page document I composed (for posterity, and Lisa) detailing my history of supposed Celiac disease.

I promise I will post something more interesting before the holidays officially come to an end (around here that would be the 2nd week of January, when the kids come home from their mother's house and go back to school).

In the meantime please watch this horrifying video of what would happen if we outlawed guns and criminals had to rob convenience stores with sticks. No laughing please, this is  a serious matter.


l i s a said...

Well, where is it?

Stinks to be sick over the holidays! Not sure what's worse--getting held up by the tree man or face pain. Maybe face pain since it lasts longer?

jess said...

Needs revising. Probably make it into an extra page so's ya'll can ignore it if you want to.