Friday, December 17, 2010

One Year Ago Today

December 17, 2009.

The setting: A snowy Rhode Island, my sister Lib's house.

The mood: Low, very low. Depressed, lonesome in a way only the holidays + a recent breakup can inspire, and flat out of hope.

I got a FB message from a stranger. It said this:

Hey, I read some of your posts on Blogger and really enjoyed the way you wrote, kind of funny and witty, and a bit truthful and heart felt. I guess it's also the way you can set a tone, and get a reader enveloped in what it is you're trying to say while using a pretty decent vocabulary without ever sounding stuffy. I always feel like I'm prying into someone's personal life or reading their diary with a blog, but I was wondering if you write anywhere else on the net. Do you ever write fiction? Thanks. -Todd.

One year later, I sit across the room from him. The kids are sleeping peacefully and the lights from our Christmas tree twinkle behind me. Our first holiday season as a family has been wonderful. Tomorrow we'll celebrate my brother's wedding to a wonderful woman with the rest of my family. The kids will play delightedly with their (unofficial) cousins. I'll get to hold my newest niece. I will laugh with my crazy family and wonder, one again- How is it possible for one person to be so blessed? And I will feel my Father's extravagant love surrounding me and laugh at the way He worked out this plan for my life, and how little I trusted Him.


l i s a said...

I'd like to know if Todd already had a crush on you when he wrote that first message to you.

StarAnna said...

wow! inspiring