Friday, January 21, 2011

Wherein I Lose The Use of the Internet And Coincidentally Increase Tenfold in Productivity

Last weekend the routermodemthingIprefernottothinkaboutbecauseIdon'tcarehowitworksIjustwantittowork went all wonky and Todd unplugged it and hooked it directly to his computer. My laptop was out of luck. Oddly enough, Todd did not seem to notice a problem with this. I tried using his computer but since it's set up with the tv as a monitor and there's nowhere to use the wireless keyboard except the floor, it was hardly worth the ergonomic effort. I'm not sure how he manages except that this is probably why he's had back problems for the last few months. Silly boy. the whole tv-as-monitor thing is very handy for watching The Office on Hulu, though.

All this to say that I was basically internetless for a week. Peoplez, you would not believe how clean my house is. I am 100% totally caught up on laundry and last night I made lasagna for dinner and then banana chocolate chip muffins after the kids went to bed. Some people might say that this combined evidence points to some sort of wildly far-fetched conclusion about the internet and wasting time. Poppycock.

Also, my story there didn't really have a point. I was just letting you know why I didn't post last week, but since whole months frequently go by in which I do not post you probably weren't really wondering.

Also, also, I have been reading Sex God* by Rob Bell. I know: snigger snigger. [Todd thought it was about him.]

If you go to the Amazon page you can read several reviews disapproving of the title. It's hard to tell if they're disappointed or relieved that it's not really about THAT. I liked it. It's about God and humanity and other heavy stuff but has a light and reader-friendly manner. Bell has this quirky writing/formatting style that I can't decide whether I like or not. Sometimes it really works and I admire his willingness to break out of the traditional mold, after all he's doing the same thing with the ideas he's writing about. Other times I find it really cutesy and annoying.

Hi! I'm Rob Bell.

And I write one sentence paragraphs!

All the time.

Look at me, look at me!

But then, Hi I'm Jess and I write a silly blog, look at me, look at me!!!! So there's that... Glass houses and everything.

But back to Sex God (snicker snicker). It wasn't earth shaking but it had some really good insights. I should perhaps write about it on the neglected WWJessD blog. [Which I would like to point out I am not neglecting because of my official status as a fallen woman, who is living in sin but because I am immensely lazy.]

While I am writing a post with no content whatsoever, I'd like to share that I've been reading books by Jim Wallis, who's this kinda wacky, out there, Christian-type person who insists that Christians should have a social conscience, of all things. In fact he goes so far as to suggest that it should be the defining mark of a follower of Christ. Crazy fellow. Also clearly a liberal sympathizer with heretical views. Probably a communist, like MLK. I like his stuff but it's kinda boring because I already agree with him on just about everything. I could think of some people I wish I could get to read him though, Dad.

Did I mention that I don't really have a point?

The end.


l i s a said...

I think I'd have to lose both the Internet and my couch in order for my life to be more productive!
Also, that book scares me. I would never have the guts to get it out of the library, for one thing.

jess said...

LOL- Lisa. Self-checkout is the best invention ever.

l i s a said...

We don't have such a fancy thing out here in the sticks;).

Anonymous said...

1. been meaning to read 'sex god' and 'velvet elvis' cuz I love his nooma videos.
2. agree w/what you said about rob bell....sometimes the "cool/new/emergent/tolerant/modern/non-traditional/cool haircut & glasses" pastors/writers.....are a bit too....those things I just mentioned
3. you are absolutely right about the internet & productivity
4. I am craving banana chocolate chip muffins now.

jen said...

Um....I need to stop posting and commenting from my phone......

That's me up there.....anonymous.....

Jocelyn said...

Based on the logic here, the only reason all those 1950's housewives made such killer pineapple upside down cakes while wearing pearls was the fact that they didn't have Internet. Wally and Beaver are so glad Mrs. Cleaver didn't have a FB account.

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

jess said...

Dear Steve, your blog makes me want to set my hair on fire while stabbing myself in the eyeball with a rubber spatula. In other words: Thanks, but no thanks.

jess said...

Was that too mean? I doubt good ol' Steve will ever see it because he was obviously just fishing (phishing?) for readers. Which is what I was annoyed about, though his blog IS pretty obnoxious.