Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Todd looks particularly good with a baby, don't you think? My niece Georgia is at the age of incredibly cute. I like that age. I'm thinking since Todd doesn't have many pictures of the kids as babies (things were... difficult... then, survival superseded picture-taking) we should probably get one of our own so's I can take lots of pictures of him holding a wee baby. 'Cuz it's cute. And I am self-sacrificial like that.

This is what being trapped in an airport for six hours looks like.

This is what it looks like several hours in.

Today I feel crappy and everything seems pointless but when I feel better I will tell you stories about our trip to New England. It was way cool. And not only because I got to see a ton of family members from both sides of my extended family. 

We have not seen the kids since Father's Day. Their mother will not even let us talk to them on the phone unless she wants something/happens to be in a particularly good mood. Usually the former. Just over a week until we get them back!!!


Michelle Roebuck said...

Yes, he looks very good with a wee babe - And I'm wagering you would, too! ;)

Since I'm just now reading this, it means the kids are back with you guys (or will be shortly) - I send a BIG round of hugs for the lot of you!!!

Looking forward to hearing about your trip - sounds like a lot of fun!! (I have one coming up over Labor Day / my birthday weekend to Michigan to visit my sister who should have twin daughters by then, along with my nephews [her sons] who are 3 and 1. Eek!)

Stuce said...

That makes sense. My brothers girlfriend has very few pictures of her boys as babies, because she too was in survival mode. I'm sure in the future you can help over-compensate with that, and while you are at it, please come over and snap some of my kids. This blog reminded me that we haven't taken any in months. Todd does look great with a baby!