Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Hampshire: Part 2

I beautified my sister's house for her, free of charge. AND I let her be graced by Todd n' me's* presence for days! I am nice like that. 

*Proper usage- SMJ (Style Manual of Jess)

I'm skipping ahead though because this part actually happened after we came back from New Hampshire. And then Libby took us to the beach. With our awesome friends Shannon and Anne and their super cute boys. This makes it sound vaguely like Shannon and Anne are a couple, with collective children, which is not the case. Todd found two crabs, which enabled him both to be the envy of every child within a 50 foot radius and say (over and over again) that he, "went to the beach in Rhode Island and caught crabs." It was a win/win for him. It was more of a win/? for the rest of us. 

But I digress! Back to New Hampshire. the awesome old summer housetm had an awesome wrap around porch that was fully furnished with rocking chairs and picnic benches and furnished views of Silver Lake in one direction and Mount Monadnock in another. It were purty. Real purty.

Katie is ever on the lookout for the opportunity to frame herself in flowers and wait for someone to take a picture.

The awesome old housetm had an awesome locked barn that Todd and Katie and I felt the irrepressible urge to explore. Sorry, old house owners, we couldn't help ourselves. The window in the front prove to be open and we snuck in and carefully looked around (without disturbing anything) but were caught by some young malcontents who desperately wanted to be part of the action.

You guys! We wanna go in da barn too!!!
Responsible Growndups: "What, who? Nobody's in the barn! Nobody's here, nooobodyy's heeeere...." Unfortunately the fact that the protests came from inside the barn did not fail to escape our young sleuths. The party line we adopted later that night- that Aunties Katie & Jess and Uncle Todd had been in the house the whole time and the figures the suspicious youths had seen looking out the hayloft window were undoubtably ghosts (who happened to be wearing the same clothing as we were, when we were telling them this story) -was regrettably met with open skepticism and what some might describe even as scorn. Kids these days, so jaded. Where has the innocence gone?

Ah got mah eye on yew, yew old whippersnappers. Ah know you were in that barn, and dadgummit, if I can prove it, I'll see y'all clapped in irons!


Michelle Roebuck said...

Totally cute. Love the dialect, 'speshlee since I spent lots uh time 'round these here parts... Which compels me to inquire: "Howz yer mommer 'n 'em??"

Sounds like you all really had a blast - I'd love to have some family time like that, though some of our young 'uns are gonna have ta do a spot uh growin' first... My two sisters and I will (cumulatively) have NINE children aged 7 or less as of September. We've asked our little brother to "gird his loins" until he's at least 35. Hahahahaha :D

Katie said...

Good thing you got that pic, Jess, cause I would have hated for all that hard work to go to waste. I was posing artfully fer like, ever.

jess said...

Katie, Todd was miffed that he didn't get credit for that artsy photo. I smacked him and told him to stop taking pictures of my cute younger sister. :D