Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Halloween rocked. Stone was the Link character from the video game Zelda. Daphne was a cowgirl. Todd and I were....? I suppose we could be described as a Frankensteinish monster and a an elf, also known as whatever we threw on in the five minutes we had between finishing the kids' costumes and rushing out the door. My elf ears were prototypes for Stone's costume that we ended up not using. I figured that all that work should not be in vain so I wore them.
   We went to a Harvest Festival at a church nearby. It was crazy elaborate and crazy crowded.
 "Listen up, pardner, I'll shoot yer elf ears right off if'n you don't hand over that there scarred up green.... well what'n the hell is that thing anyway?"

                     Pointy-eared Freak Attacked by Greenish Monster!!!       
The purse kinda ruins the tone. What? No I didn't color code the dvds. Elves came and did it, in the middle of the night. Elves are anal like that. Also the cobwebs on the mirror? Decorations, people- not real!!

Stone's shield. Todd but an ungodly amount of work into it. It started life as a plastic tray from the dollar store. Todd cut, peeled, sanded, painted distressed, repainted and sealed it into the most accurate Link  shield ever. He even made the back look like wood. Gah.

                                                    Chickens!!!!!! There was a petting zoo.

I am The kids are still enjoying the Halloween candy


Anonymous said...

You should put the "link" shield on the wall! That's awesome.

l i s a said...

I have been too horrified looking at the picture of you and Todd to even notice the purse.

Nobody said...

We totally hung the shield up just the other day, but brownie points for the awesome recommendation anyways. @Jess, I can't believe you didn't mention the Link-esque blue boomerang now floating around in the dress-up chest that was also created while making the shield, or the amazingly awesome chaps that, while not very clear, Daphne was rocking in the photos.

jess said...

I know, I know!! I was trying to get past my blogblock by finishing the post quickly. Your costumes were the shiz, babe!!!!

Jocelyn said...

Okay, you as elf? WAAAAYYY too fitting. You should just wear that in everyday life; it suits you so well. Maybe start carrying a pouch made out of moss, though.

What a great family night for you guys. Me YUVS Halloween.