Monday, December 12, 2011

My Sister Rocks the Block

She's like the Oprah of moms. Or the Martha Stewart of moms. I dunno, something like that. She makes pop tarts from scratch and does amazing craft projects for her kids. She's also really nice, smart and funny, and real purty to look at. It's kind of disgusting. But I love her anyway.

She got an Elf on the Shelf (America's newest instant tradition that you only ever vaguely heard about before this holiday season, if at all, but now can't stop seeing everywhere) and she hacked it. These are her words not mine. Apparently the deal is that you're supposed to pose the Elf in different places in the house each night. She's a skilled seamstress and crafter and the first thing she did with the stuffed elf was to bust him open and insert wire into all of his limbs to make him posable. I give you Libby's Elf on the Shelf, in all his awesome poseyness. Don't you wish Libby was your mom?