Sunday, January 29, 2012

In Which Todd Cuts His Hair Snazzily But Fails to Bathe And The Children Are Gross(ly Entertaining)

Setting: Modesto, CA
Scene: master bathroom.

Todd: How does my hair look?

Jess: Woo WOO, babe, it's snazzy! I'll have to keep you inside for a few days.

Todd: Huh? Why?

Jess: To keep you safe from the ladies of Modesto of course, you handsome dog, you.

Todd: Right. [looks pensive, absentmindedly raises an arm and sniffs his extremely aromatic armpit- in which he'd tried to stick my face a mere moment before, realizes what he's doing and makes sheepish eye contact]

Jess: [nods, grinning] Yeah... you're right. Never mind. You can go wherever you want.

Setting: Modesto, CA, 
Scene:  living room.

Child #1: [singing] When there's something wrong, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?

Child#2: [shouting] Poopsquishers!!

Setting: Modesto, CA
Scene: living room in which several seasons of Psych were watched in a matter of weeks

Todd: What if I were a superhero?

Child #1: I wanna be a superhero!!

Todd: You can be my sidekick.

Child #2: I wanna be a psychic!!!

[Convulsive laughter on part of all adults in the room.]

Setting: Modesto, CA
Scene: kitchen adjacent to living room in which several seasons of Psych were watched in a matter of several months.

Todd: [to Jess] ...Well what about Sean?

Child #2: Shawn Spencer?! Psychic detective?!!!??!?

Todd: [sarcastically] Yeah, dude, Jess's brother, who you've met, is Shawn Spencer.

Child #2: HE IS??!?!??!?!?

Todd: [facepalm]


Jocelyn said...

The swirl of nonsense in your house should be filmed; you'd be the next, um, FULL HOUSE. No, wait, MODERN FAMILY. Goofballs!

Sarah said...

Hahah. Bunch of comedians, you are.

Christy said...